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provides investors with

planD provides a solution to investors in highly illiquid private companies - the ability to potentially exit at today’s valuation to a willing buyer if they so choose.
The Fund’s focus is in acquiring stakes in underperforming companies. As such, it is highly likely that the valuation today will be lower than that of the original acquisition. Depending on the specific circumstances-
It is anticipated that the Fund (willing buyer) will be diversified across multiple stakes, in multiple companies, and in multiple sectors.



provides Founders with

planD provides Founders with the choice to offer their angel investors, some of whom may be ‘friends & family’ the option to exit and move on if they so wish; this helps clean up the cap table and replaces disaffected investors with a new engaged shareholder who may be able to use its connections to help with commercial introductions and or m&a activities.
Through its normal course of business, planD amasses a diverse network of HNWI’s who are likely well connected and will have the incentive to help as investors in the fund.
planD provides Founders a playbook to ensure the transaction is as low friction and hassle free as possible so you can concentrate on running the business.

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We believe Founders need help at the best of times, more so when times are tough…and sadly that is often when many stakeholders start to look the other way. A company may not turn out the way it was originally planned by the founder, but this doesn’t mean that the tech/IP the founder has built after raising money, putting together a team and pursuing the idea is not of value to the right buyer at the right price.

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Julia, Founder

planD really dug in when we needed it the most and with their help, we got the deal done.

Eamon, Founder/Investor

Rufus created a company called PlanD. I believe in it so much I invested!

Rosamond Pearl, Founder's Mum

planD sounds like the best thing ever.

Sacha, Founder

Plan D has really helped us find the right partner to restructure our business so we can flourish alongside a successful business model. Their support throughout has been amazing. Whatever the reason be a secondary sell of shares, company restructuring, exit or a merger I would recommend talking to Rufus and his team.


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