Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.

Unlock value from underperforming assets by diversification, with planD.

What if you could unlock value from your underperforming investments? The planD tech platform, combined with the Daxia™ fund, frees trapped assets, brings the power of diversity and helps you move on to other opportunities.

    Choose Exit via Diversification™

    We provide an exit where one is likely not available elsewhere, rebalancing your portfolio with a diversified fund

    Grow your Network

    Access a powerful network to propel your future endeavours

    Free Up Capital With Loss Relief

    Dependent on individual circumstances, free up capital in the form of usable losses as a result of the exit

Not All Investments Go According To Plan 

It can be a bumpy ride when you put money into a start-up 
or early-stage business.

Some investments give a great return, but you could also 
be left with underperforming shares, especially when you consider that 8 out of 10 new ventures don’t reach their 
stated goals.

We Work With Founders And Investors

  • We'll help you rationalise your cap table so you can get on running your business. Plus,  you'll have access to planD's value-added network of investors and connectors who can help you move forward.

    For Founders
  • Our strategies will get a fair value for your underperforming assets, allowing you to re-invest the money recovered from tax reliefs using FIFO or for other investments.

    For Investors

Contact Us

Contact the PlanD team and get the 
best future for your impaired assets.

Is Your Capital Locked In?

In any portfolio of early-stage investments, you may have assets:

Worth substantially less than what you paid.
Turning into a low-value or slow-growth business.
Doing OK but taking too long to generate 
a satisfactory return.
by uninvolved, restless or disruptive investors.
That will 
never deliver on the the initial venture-scale expectations.

You need a 

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The Diversified Daxia™ Fund

A share exchange to the Daxia™ diversified fund…
Provides an exit strategy for investors and founders.
Recycles capital for further investments. 
Brings diversity to your assets. 
Unlocks loss relief for tax purposes.

We’ve Got Answers

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  • What are the benefits of being part of the planD Network?

    We are building different technological solutions to propel commercial introductions, facilitate and automate M&A deals, enable founders to share HR and talent placements and fundraising opportunities, among many others. We have already successfully executed on some M&A and HR deals on an ad hoc basis, thereby proving our network can also be leveraged to promote such transactions. We strongly believe there will be many opportunities stemming from virtuous network effects in the near future.

  • How do you define exit via diversification™?

    planD’s proprietary Exit via Diversification™ technology enables share exchanges for investors’ underperforming investment with shares in Daxia, which is a diversified Alternative Investment Fund. By doing this process through our digital platform, the investor may be able to crystalise a loss, and will hold shares in Daxia as a result of the exchange.

    Please take two minutes to watch out explainer video here, which summarises our business model and how we can help you.

  • What is a share for share exchange?

    A share for share exchange is a ‘cashless transaction’, whereby shares in our fund are received in consideration for the exchange, as opposed to money.

Customers Love PlanD

    I had an investment which was moribund – ex any likelihood of material growth but not actually failing. planD took the initiative, managed to get a deal going within days and I was delighted to take the exit via diversification they offered. My tax loss was recycled into a new investment revitalising my portfolio further. The process was quick and easy. I will definitely use their service again when the opportunity next  arises.

    In the dynamic world of startup investments, liquidity is key – pD’s innovative approach has been a game-changer for me to take back control. Their tech-enabled solution facilitated a smooth transition of my underperforming assets into the Daxia Fund, providing me with an exit, diversification and unlocking loss relief.  They are a vital component in any unlisted investor’s armoury with a diversified portfolio.

    I have used planD’s service both personally and through my Family Office to offset income and capital gains respectively. The process was straightforward and did not take long.

    The process was efficient and easy to understand, I was able to use planD’s service for myself and my family in order to re-organise our portfolio and make use of the available tax relief. The team at planD were helpful and I have already recommended them to other investors and companies alike.