Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.

Launching innovative financial concepts successfully and compliantly needs careful planning and an experienced, motivated team.

planD's Vision

planD wants to make private investment markets more efficient through innovative solutions.

planD's Mission

planD’s mission is to empower private investment stakeholders. 

We equip investors with more options enabling them to manage their investment portfolios proactively. Correspondingly, founders will be able to offer their shareholders innovative options when things don’t go according to plan.
We aim to support and partner with founders in their ventures; sharing our network, knowledge and technology during the ups and downs of the founder journey.

Meet The planD Team


Rufus Pearl

Founder, CEO
  • About Rufus

    25 years corporate finance experience including smaller company fund raise and flotations in sectors ranging from media to mining and film to fintech.

    Rufus was founder & CEO of a multi-award-winning lifestyle accessories business with global sales, and the founder of Pearl Corporate Finance, providing advisory services to investment trusts that grew to c.$75m AUM via a ‘swaps methodology’ that became the foundation idea for planD.

Guy-Edward Waterland

Co-founder, COO
  • About Guy-Edward

    Blue chip corporate strategy executive turned entrepreneur in web security software who grew a business to ~4m international end users. Guy has since held a number of roles as tech startup CxO, NED, board advisor, business angel and consultant on strategy, geographic expansion, product launches, partnerships and financing needs.

    Guy is also passionate about mentoring the next generation of founders and executives.​


Colette Wyatt

Technology Advisor
  • About Colette

    In a career spanning over thirty years, Colette has performed different roles from general manager, CTO and global commercial director in the telecoms industry to VP R&D in the medical technology field and CTO, Investor and Co-Founder of a rebate management startup.

    She now is the managing owner of Evolve-IT Consulting, after conducting a Management Buyback in a highly successful and award-winning technology and innovation company

Dr. Richard Hargreaves

Non-executive Director
  • About Richard

    Co-founded Endeavour Ventures in 2006 and has been investing & advising companies for over 30 years. Richard began his career at 3i plc where he spent 10 years before launching one of the first VCTs.

    He is a former chairman of the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA), and has significant experience as a NED on both public and private company boards.

Chris Adelsbach

Serial Fintech Investor
  • About Chris

    Entrepreneur with 9 figure exit. Angel investor with a portfolio of 150, mainly fintech companies. His private portfolio of 100 companies have had >£1 billion of follow on investment and his 50 investments invested in as Techstars MD are worth >5x to date.

    He built the number one rated accelerator in Europe and was named UKBAA Angel Investor of the year 2018/19. Currently co-founder and Managing Partner at Outrun Ventures and a Venture Partner at Techstars.

Thomas Davies

Secondaries Market Expert
  • About Thomas

    Thomas has been helping businesses raise money for over 10 years. He was one of the first employees at Seedrs and was their Chief Investment Officer for 8 years.

    Whilst at Seedrs he developed the EIS100 fund, Autoinvest, and led the design and build of their secondary market.

planD’s History

Business model Ideation
Company Incorporation
Beta Digital Share Exchange workflow Launch
Over £1m of initial investment value processed
planD platform launch
Daxia Fund set up
First transaction
Fifteenth deal
EISA “Best Newcomer” highly commended Award
Company Incorporation
Business model Ideation
Daxia Fund set up
First transaction
Beta Digital Share Exchange workflow Launch
Over £1m of initial investment value processed
Fifteenth deal
EISA “Best Newcomer” highly commended Award
planD platform launch

planD Values


We care about the individual and their circumstances. We deeply understand our customers' pain points and can't help but solve their problems by developing new products and services. We know people's time is precious, and we treat it respectfully.


Reciprocity is the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit. We seek out a win-win situation and are customer-centric, focussed on what’s best for our clients. We foster network effects of like minded, smart people who post transaction with us have an indirect interest in helping one another.


We are authentic and genuine in our interactions. We ensure we can and do deliver on our promises. We act in the best interests of the community. We are hyper-fair and transparent about what we do, how we do it and who gets paid what.


We think outside the box. We ask, "why not?". We constantly challenge the status quo by doing the non-obvious.


We know these are sensitive times personally and precarious times commercially, so we are discrete. We respect your privacy and choices.


We are realistic, don't judge, are pragmatic, and provide options for individuals to take control of their decision-making and find the best solution for their unique situation.

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We’ve Got Answers

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  • What are the benefits of being part of the planD Network?

    We are building different technological solutions to propel commercial introductions, facilitate and automate M&A deals, enable founders to share HR and talent placements and fundraising opportunities, among many others. We have already successfully executed on some M&A and HR deals on an ad hoc basis, thereby proving our network can also be leveraged to promote such transactions. We strongly believe there will be many opportunities stemming from virtuous network effects in the near future.

  • How do you define exit via diversification™?

    planD’s proprietary Exit via Diversification™ technology enables share exchanges for investors’ underperforming investment with shares in Daxia, which is a diversified Alternative Investment Fund. By doing this process through our digital platform, the investor may be able to crystalise a loss, and will hold shares in Daxia as a result of the exchange.

    Please take two minutes to watch out explainer video here, which summarises our business model and how we can help you.

  • What is a share for share exchange?

    A share for share exchange is a ‘cashless transaction’, whereby shares in our fund are received in consideration for the exchange, as opposed to money.

Customers Love PlanD

    I had an investment which was moribund – ex any likelihood of material growth but not actually failing. planD took the initiative, managed to get a deal going within days and I was delighted to take the exit via diversification they offered. My tax loss was recycled into a new investment revitalising my portfolio further. The process was quick and easy. I will definitely use their service again when the opportunity next  arises.

    In the dynamic world of startup investments, liquidity is key – pD’s innovative approach has been a game-changer for me to take back control. Their tech-enabled solution facilitated a smooth transition of my underperforming assets into the Daxia Fund, providing me with an exit, diversification and unlocking loss relief.  They are a vital component in any unlisted investor’s armoury with a diversified portfolio.

    I have used planD’s service both personally and through my Family Office to offset income and capital gains respectively. The process was straightforward and did not take long.

    The process was far quicker and slicker than I thought it would be. It was great to be able to facilitate disaffected investors transitioning off the cap table and Daxia have been a supportive investor post transaction.