Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.

For Investors

We get the best value for your underperforming shares by assessing the fair market value, enabling potential loss relief claims and providing a share exchange to the Daxia Diversified Fund.

Free Up Capital With Loss Relief

So your capital is tied to an underperforming business and going backwards. What are your choices?
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When It’s Time
To Move On

Knowing how and when you'll take a profit and move on is a crucial skill for investors in early-stage businesses.

And leaving a company that has not met its goals can be painful when shares have declined sharply in value. What now?

How planD Helps Investors…

An Exit Plan

An option to move highly illiquid underperforming investments on to a willing  buyer on today’s fair value.

Diversified Investments

An exchange of shares in a single company for a 
stake in a diversified fund: Daxia

Loss Relief

planD allows investors to exit at the current valuation 
and thereby crystallise losses.

Daxia: A Diverse Solution

The Daxia Fund's sole purpose is to acquire stakes in underperforming companies, focused on (S)EIS companies in exchange for Shares in the fund.

This cashless transaction gives an Investor access to a diversified portfolio that increases the chances of liquidity in the future. The process provides:
An exit via a share exchange at the current market value.
Diversification for your investments.
A cashless exchange of your existing shares for an equivalent stake in the Daxia™ fund.
The possibility of loss reliefs.

What About EIS/SEIS Investments?

EIS or SEIS-eligible investments come with beneficial tax reliefs when you exit
the business.

We recommend you talk with a tax advisor and ensure you get these advantages compliantly.

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We’ve Got Answers

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  • How much will I be paid for my shares?

    This is a cashless transaction, operated on an exchange of shares basis. Your shares will be priced at today’s fair value, which will be outlined at the start of the share exchange process. Once the exchange has been finalised, you will receive the agreed value of your holding in Daxia shares. No cash will change hands.

  • How long does the Share Exchange/Deal process usually take? (when will I know if planD will buy my shares and how long until the deal is done?)

    On average, it takes no longer than 20 minutes to complete all the required documents to proceed with the share exchange process. Please note that there is an FCA mandated 24 hour cooling off period during this process. As standard, we keep the offer open for 30 days to give all shareholders involved to make an informed decision and take any necessary advice.

  • Does this transaction qualify as an exit?

    Yes, whilst the transaction is done on an exchange of shares basis, this still qualifies as a share disposal and hence qualifies as an exit.

Investors Love PlanD

    I use planD strategically. Years I have gains that I need to offset, I use their Share Exchange to exit stale investments, creating the tax offset I need and still letting me partake in any upside that may unexpectedly happen. With planD for the first time ever, an early investor can plan when to take a loss, creating a more favourable tax structure and making startup investing just a little bit easier

    I had an investment which was moribund – ex any likelihood of material growth but not actually failing. planD took the initiative, managed to get a deal going within days and I was delighted to take the exit via diversification they offered. My tax loss was recycled into a new investment revitalising my portfolio further. The process was quick and easy. I will definitely use their service again when the opportunity next  arises.

    In the dynamic world of startup investments, liquidity is key – pD’s innovative approach has been a game-changer for me to take back control. Their tech-enabled solution facilitated a smooth transition of my underperforming assets into the Daxia Fund, providing me with an exit, diversification and unlocking loss relief.  They are a vital component in any unlisted investor’s armoury with a diversified portfolio.

    I have used planD’s service both personally and through my Family Office to offset income and capital gains respectively. The process was straightforward and did not take long.

    The process was efficient and easy to understand, I was able to use planD’s service for myself and my family in order to re-organise our portfolio and make use of the available tax relief. The team at planD were helpful and I have already recommended them to other investors and companies alike.

    I really like planD’s quick workflow and professional process. I have used planD’s service on more than one occasion to exchange my shares in stagnant companies for shares in the diversified Daxia fund, also realising valuable tax relief in doing so.